Hey, welcome to Glitz & Pram.

My name's Bella, I'm a 25 year old country bumkin, fashion enthusiast, film junkie, art lover, tea drinker, and self confessed beauty junkie. I love the sunshine, friends, family, hand made objects, a good bargain, a good novel, & "the little things". I live in the South West of England with my partner George, our two daughters Evelyn & Rosanna, our cat Alfie & a fair few dust bunnies.

For as long as I have had access to the internet I have been a follower and reader of blogs, but it wasn't until the year that I found out I was expecting our first child that I actually got the courage to start my own. Severe morning sickness meant that I had to take time out from my job as a makeup artist a lot earlier than planned, so instead of just mooching around I would lock myself far away from any funny smells and stare at my laptop screen. Before I knew it I was good and hooked, and posting at least every other day.

I found myself writing an eclectic mix of fashion & beauty, my parenting journey, home & DIY projects, product reviews, & wedding posts. I poured a huge amount of love & time into it but more recently it's taken a back seat to life & has become an online diary.

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read, comment & message me. I will continue writing for as long as I have something to say, & for as long as there is at least one of you who enjoys what I type. x

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